Welcome to the “Pricing” section, where I will breakdown how I come up with your quotes, and include examples to give you an idea for the estimated cost of your projects. Budgets are SUPER important at most times, but especially with weddings and other large events in our lives. As a former bride, I totally get it and encourage you to be thoughtful about where you put your money within your wedding budget.

If you are considering calligraphy in your wedding (yay!), please remember that it is considered a “luxury” service, meaning that it has value and will be priced accordingly. As your potential calligrapher, I will do whatever I can to accommodate the project to fit your budget! What does that mean? It means that I will review your project with you and give you some suggestions like doing a few less words in calligraphy and opting for block lettering instead, or cutting out extra floral and greenery doodles from your signage to make it all work. It’s possible, promise!

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Seating Charts

  • Set up & Design fee - Starting at $100.00

  • Guest name in block lettering - $1.25/guest

  • Illustrations & Florals - Please contact directly for a custom quote, as these can vary significantly.

Wedding & Event Signage

Welcome signs - Approx 24” x 36” (Wood)

  • (wood completely prepped by client) - Starting at $60.00

  • (all prep & sourcing done by Lit Letters) - Starting at $120.00

Welcome signs - Smaller than 24” x 36” (Wood)

  • Price will be dependant on size, state & sourcing of wood, amount of wording and illustrations (if any). Please contact me directly for a quote.


Welcome signs - Acrylic

  • Price will be dependant of size of sign, sourcing of acrylic, amount of wording and illustrations (if any). Please contact me directly for a quote.

Photo Cred: Shoebox Pics

Bridal Party Signs

  • Set up & Design Fee - Starting at $45.00

  • Titles in calligraphy - $2.50

  • Monogram initial logo (couple’s initials) - Starting at $10.00

  • Names in block lettering - $1.00/name

  • Hashtags in block lettering - $2.00

  • Hashtags in calligraphy - $4.00

Other Signage

All other signage is subject to a $50 design fee, not including calligraphy. Final price will be dependant on size, surface, amount of wording and illustrations (if any).

Photo cred: Danielle Murphy Studio

Leather & Denim Jackets

Custom jackets - Starting at $150.00


Place Cards

  • Place Cards (First & last name) - Starting at $1.00/card

  • Custom colour ink - Add $0.50/card


  • Standard size envelope, including names and full address (4 lines total) - starting at $3.00/envelope

  • Standard size envelope, names only - starting at $1.50/envelope

  • Custom ink colour - Add $0.50/envelope

  • Return Addressing - starting at $2.00/envelope

  • RSVP Card Addressing - Starting at $2.00/envelope, depending on size